From the suburbs of St Mary Jamaica to the United Kingdom home of many musical pioneers, you’ll hear the Jamaican-born Reggae Artist Tasonia. The alter ego is a producer, songwriter, and engineer. Whilst releasing multiple singles over the years, co-writing music, producing and engineering soundtracks with various artists.

Tasonia strives to write her life stories through reggae music.

Her music is reminiscent of her home in Jamaica, a melting pot of different cultures, styles and music. Although her core is reggae, she brings in simulating lyrics and touches upon topics about life, struggle, and identity.

​Key Moments:

Rototom Sunsplash – Setting the stage ablaze at Rototom Sunsplash 2017, Tasonia delivered a mesmerizing performance that etched an unforgettable mark in her musical journey

One Love Festival – Captivating the crowd’s hearts at One Love Festival, Tasonia’s electrifying presence in 2017 remains a cherished pinnacle in her artistic odyssey

Survivor Allstar – Joining forces with Marla Brown and a powerhouse of influential female voices like Aleighcia Scott, Kelissa, Dionne Reid, Nattali Roze, and La Tifa, the ‘Survivor Allstars’ Collaboration stands as a testament to Tasonia’s collaborative strength and musical unity.

Tasonia Releases first project – Underlining her prowess as a female reggae producer, Tasonia achieved a remarkable career milestone by self-releasing her debut compilation project titled ‘Wire Dem in 2021.’ This collaborative masterpiece, featuring a diverse array of artists, attested to her distinctive vision and exceptional creative finesse.

Tasonia has notably played with top reggae artists like Tarus Riley, Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Romain Virgo and many more.

​Tasonia is currently working on her debut Solo EP

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