Mikeylous (formerly Niggah Mikey) christened Michael George Grant hails from the garden parish of St. Ann, Jamaica.

From a tender age Mikeylous knew he wanted to pursue a career in the music business. While attending Lime Hall Primary School, he performed on school concerts to rave reviews. Mikeylous played a vibrant role in the church choir during his teen years, but still found time to campaign on all talent shows held in his Jamaican community of St. Ann in the 1980’s.

Mikeylous’ impressive performances on the local talent shows gained him recognition as top young artiste in his parish in 1985. Popular promoters of the 1980’s Sassa Frass, Tony Lexus booked Mikeylous for several shows, and he got the opportunity to be the resident deejay on the popular Jack Ruby Hi Power Sound System. With all this exposure, Mikeylous Stepped up his game and recorded several songs. These early recordings include “Come Back Lieza”, “Bus Driver” (Sargant Major Label) “Bruck Pocket man”, “Spelling Time”, “Watch Man” & more. Mikeylous got his first hit in the 1980’s with “Bad Mine A Kill Dem” featuring Peter Metro, which held the number 1 spot in Jamaica for a number of weeks. Mikeylous then became a resident Deejay on Metro Media sound system and had Dancehall fans in “Frenzy”. The artiste never stopped there, as he linked up with popular producer Donovan Germain (Penthouse Records) and recorded a hit titled “Ting Deh”. This established Mikeylous (then known as Niggah Mikey) as a household name in Jamaica. He recorded a number of other songs on the Penthouse Label including “Delerance”, “One Day Bad Boy”, “Charge Fi Rape” and “Chuchi Chuchi”. Mikeylous’ next hit came in 1996 when he recorded “Macarena Dance”; he had the whole Jamaica doing the Macarena .

Mikeylous’ first opportunity to tour came to reality in 1987, where he toured Canada with popular deejay Junior Demus. The success of this tour opened doors for Mikeylous to tour several states in the U.S., Belgium, Switzerland, France, England, Bermuda, Cayman other islands in the Caribbean using the stage name “Niggah Mikey”. Some of the other artistes Mikeylous has graced the stage with include Tiger, Little Hero, Singing Melody, Thriller U, and Beenie Man. 

Since 1992, Mikeylous formed his own label “Champagne Records”, on which he attained a number 1 song “Man A Wall” in Bahamas in 1995. As a producer, Mikeylous also recorded songs with young artistes, trying to break them in the music industry. In 2002 he Dropped his former stage name Niggah Mikey as he did not feel comforrtable with that name anymore, before 2002 all Mikeylous’ recordings were done with stage name “Niggah Mikey”. 

The year 2005 was a productive year for Mikeylous, he was signed to Energy Beat Entertainment and he also recorded a number of hit songs which included “Sticky” which is still riding the airwaves in the Caribbean Islands, “Law Makers”, “Caan Work” and “Crown”. Mikeylous has big plans for the future, which includes releasing more albums, “I am in the studios recording” he replies when asked.


Mikeylous toured Germany, Australia, Holland, Portugal Norway and other European Countries in 2007 for the first time while continuing to record new singles. In 2009 he scored a big with hit song “Country mi ting deh” which wentto  number 1 in Jamaica and made it to Tads International All-stars album for that year with Vybz Kartel, Movado, Merciless and more. One of the most consistent Artists from the Late 80’s he also recorded a collab with Charly Blacks Titled C.A.B campaign against bad mind and made several overseas appearances with him. Mikeylous has recently released songs such as “Nuh Fear, mixup song, warmongers with Luciano , up move, golden hole, viral, ungreatful and tings fi tings for a Switzerland producer” just to name a few. Mikeylous is currently working on his first album to be released.

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