Culture T

Culture T was born Albert Anthony Watson in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Bamboo Ridge in the parish of Saint Catherine. He grew into the Culture T persona in the ragamuffin era of the 1990’s when alongside the likes of Tony Rebel he was delivering cultural messages with a slew of singles bucking against the trend of “slackness” and “Bad Man” lyrics of the day.

Arguably best known for the anthem ‘Notice Board’ he developed an unwavering passion for music from a young age. From singing in church and with friends to performing at community events  and stage shows. He embarked on his musical journey in 1989 with the debut single, ‘Deestent Way,’ featuring singer Donavon Champion. This swiftly garnered airplay and recognition and propelled him into the spotlight, setting the scene for the internationally known hit, ‘Notice Board.’

Throughout his career, he has consistently delivered meaningful music characterized by powerful lyrics and rhythms. As well as ‘Notice Board’ other notable releases include ‘Live so bad’, ‘Thinking Back in Time’, ‘Duppy deh pon gun’, ‘Selassie Army’ with Admiral Tibbet, and ‘Informer’ alongside Freddie Mcgregor.

With his ongoing effort to release new songs, he continues to use his positive energy to cultivate a meaningful legacy that continues to resonate with future generations.

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