‘Yeeh It is I De Alozade’, sounds familiar right?, well those are the popular introductory words by one of the most talented deejay coming out of Kingston, Jamaica, Michael Sterling aka Alozade. The young deejay erupted on the music scene in 1999 with a song called ‘Street Dreams’ recorded on the Crash rhythm for Byron Murray’s In The Streets Records label. The song did well on the local charts and signaled the arrival of this gifted deejay in the dancehall arena.

Armed with his ‘throaty’ voice, unique toasting and ‘poster- boy’ image, Alozade seized the initiative and took the dancehall by storm, consistently unleashing hits after hit. Prior to that, having had a burning desire to make it in the music business as a deejay, the former Ardenne Extension High student voiced his debut single ‘Top Of The Line’ for the Stone Love label. He then did ‘Mr. Mention’, for the African Star label and gained much needed recognition for those efforts.

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