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New Music Alert: Blue Sky Productions Drops ‘Car Wash Riddim’ Project

“Unfair Game Play Twice” – D’Angel Speaks On ‘Pick The Man’ Controversy – Onstage

New Music Alert:: Machete Records Drops ‘Jah Rise’ Riddim Project
New Music Alert: Mikeylous Delives Ukraine War Social   Commentary On  ‘Russia‘

“John Mahama loves my creativity” – Nacee on composing NDC campaign songs – GhanaWeb

Nacee recounts what his mother did to protect him after his father passed – Ghanawb     

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Featured Video

Song: Ready Fi Di Road  

Artist: Cush Hunta
Label: KKN Music
Director: Andy Fortune

On Da Road

This Week:


1st  – Sizzla Evelasting Japan Tour @ Downtown Osaka, Japan

2nd  –    Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic – @monmadridoficial  Madrid, Spain

2nd – Sizzla Evelasting Japan Tour @ Harbor Studio Kobe, Japan

3rd  –     Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –   @sala_apolo Sala Apolo, Barcelona, Spain

3rd – Sizzla Evelasting Japan Tour –@ MOD’s Okinawa, Japan

4th  –     Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic – @rockstore_mtp  Rockstore – Montpellier, France

4th-8th – Seani B @ Carry On Comedy, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

4th – Sizzla Evelasting Japan Tour @ Cross Road 7 Tobishima, Japan

5th  –     Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –  @espacejulienmarseille Marseille, France

5th – Romain Virgo @ Savoy Entertainment Center – Inglewood, CA, USA

5th-8th – Seani B @ CAMBERSOUNDS Royal Bank Holiday Weekender alongside Junior Giscombe, Richard Blackwood & Many More –  Pontins Holiday Park – Camber Sands, East Sussex, England

5th – Sizzla Evelasting Japan Tour @ Octave Kyoto, Japan

6th –      Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic – @cafecharbonnevers Nevers, France

6th – Flourgon, Macka Diamond @ Icons Live Performance Alongside Mikey Spice, Johnny P & Many More – The Bloom – Newark, NJ, USA

6th May – Romain Virgo @ Reggae In The Desert Alongside Eek-A-Mouse, Morgan Heritage, Hempress Sativa Et Al – Clark County Amphitheater – Las Vegas, NV, USA

6th  – Sizzla Evelasting Japan Tour @ Clubasia Shibuya, Japan

7th  – Sizzla Evelasting Japan Tour @ Mugen5610 Hiroshima, Japan

7th  –     Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –  @arvernereggaefestival, Brassac les mines France

9th  –     Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic – @transbolyon  Lyon, France

11th  –   Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic – La Rodia     Besançon, France

12th  –   Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic – Le Tetris      Le Havre, France

13th  –   Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic – @olympiahall  Paris, France

14th – Romain Virgo @ Art Of Reggae Music Festival Alongside Leroy Sibbles, Wayne Wonder,  L.U.S.T Et Al – Hollywood, FL, USA

15th  –   Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –  Pandora – Utrecht, Netherlands

17th  –   Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –   De Roma Antwerp, Belgium

18th  –   Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –   Burgerweeshuis – Deventer Fribourg, Holland

19th  –   Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –     @fri_son – Fribourg, Switzerland

20 –      Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –  @villesolliestoucas – Terre d’artiste Solliès-Toucas, France

21st –    Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic – Quartierzentrum Schutze         Zurich, Switzerland

23rd –    Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic – @atelierbcluses – L’Atelier           Cluses, France

24th –    Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –   @lasourcefontaine La Source – Fontaine, France

25th –    Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –  @lasourisverte.epinal – La Souris Verte – Epinal, France

26th – Anthony Malvo @ Legendary Dancehall Throwback Alongside Tony Curtis, LOE – Birmingham, England

26th – Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic – La BAM – Metz, France

27th – Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –  La Laiterie – Strasbourg,             France

27th – Triniboi Joocie @ A TASTE of the Caribbean – Malton Food Lovers Festival  – Milton Rooms, Malton, England

28th – Romain Virgo @ Caribbean Food & Music Festival – Alongside Marcia Griffiths – Apopka Amphitheater – FL, USA

29th – Akabu, Azizzi Romeo, Donovan Kingjay, Seani B @ City Splash – Brockwell Park, Brixton, London, England

31st –    Azizzi Romeo @ @maxromeoofficial  Alongside @xanaromeomusic –         TBC     Dublin             Ireland

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