Back 2 Da Future 10th Anniversary Workshop Tour Gets Off To Great Start In Accra

Back 2 Da Future 10th Anniversary Workshop Tour Gets Off To Great Start In Accra


Back 2 Da Future Music CEO, Kennedy Mensah, kicked off the London based company’s 10th Anniversary Workshop Tour in fine style in Accra, Ghana during Independence week.

“As you’d say in Jamaica – ‘you have to dance ah Yard before you dance abroad’ (learn to dance at home before you dance in public)”, explained Kennedy – born in Britain to Ghanaian parents – in answer to why the tour started in Ghana, whilst in interview before the event.

After a media campaign which included print, Radio and TV interviews, the educational event attracted just under 40 Participants including artists, Managers, Producers, writers and composers.

The half day event included interactive role play and was dotted with anecdotes from Mensah’s near 30 years’ experience. The morning started with an introduction to the facilitator and then continued with a history of Publishing for the lay person and ended with the creation of a contract – all delivered with aplomb by the some time Disc jockey and compere, Kennedy Mensah.

So what did the class  think of the session? From the feedback received every one of the attendees advised that they would recommend this workshop to their friends with comments ranging from “You need to come and open an office in Ghana” to “We need something like this at least every six months” via one revealing that their favourite part of the morning as “The very practical/real life situations used in order to answer questions”. This sentiment was echoed by the event’s host, Paakay Holdbrook-Smith – “It was refreshing to see Publishing from a practitioner’s point of view rather than the theoretical”. Reiterated Holdbrook-Smith, A Lecturer At The Ghana University Of Media Studies and CEO of the Ghana Music Foundation – continuing “This must have impressed the importance of that part of the industry upon the participants. Many of them in the Workshop may not have even realised how important Publishing was up until their attendance.”

“One of my mottos – paraphrased from Marcus Garvey – is ‘Each One Teach To Reach One’ – If writers and composers understand the basics of Publishing then our job as Music publishers becomes a little easier.” Concluded Kennedy who is looking forward to further Workshops in Europe, The Caribbean and Africa This year.


Watch this space for details of the next instalment of the Back 2 Da Future Music Ltd 10th Anniversary Seminar/Workshop Tour –

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