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“STONE LOVE STAND ALONE!!!!!!” Goes the popular phrase from one of the now Immortal Sound System’s Specials. Based in Kingston, Jamaica , Winston "Wee Pow" Powell built the world conquering sound system in 1973, using locally-built amplifiers. These were soon upgraded, and the equipment has been kept up to date over Stone Love's four decade history, by long-time engineer, Winston Samuels. Stone Love became one of Jamaica's most popular sound systems, known for its superior sound quality, and the advent of the art of “Juggling”. In the late 1980’s into early 1990’s Stone Love pioneered a new technique of playing Reggae Music. Now known universally as ‘Juggling’, they developed the style of mixing Specials seamlessly into each other with two turntables somewhat akin to what had been happening in Hip Hop – minus the Scratching!!!!! They had become so popular that they now had a Dub Plate/Special of every popular hit coming out of the Dancehall and as such, didn’t need to travel with resident artists. It was around this time that Weepow met Anthony Brightly who would help them spread their wings internationally following the trail of glory set by the popularity of their Sound Tapes. To this end, they would extensively tour the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan. They became so popular that they would eventually have to recruit more selectors to work alongside the trailblazing Rory and eventually be playing in as many as three or four venues in different countries on the same day. Following in the footsteps of the pioneering Sound Systems like Studio One & Treasure Isle Weepow or “Father Pow” as he would now be affectionately referred to, launched a recording label through Brightly’s Sir George Label. Hits like Sanchez’ ‘If I Ever’, Jigsy King & Tony Curtis’ ‘My Sound A Murder’ and Louie Culture’s ‘Gangalee’ would follow as well as a series of Best Of’s and Dub Plate albums. Today The sound system hosts the world renowned 'Weddy Weddy Wednesday' party every Wednesday at HQ in Burlington Avenue, Kingston. Rory has gone on to become a selector and Producer in his own right introducing the world to the talents of Jah9 and the Stone Love label was revitalised with the release of the Banjo Riddim in late 2013.

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