Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright was born in England though he went to Jamaica as a baby and lived in St. Elizabeth. His parents also from Jamaica had the “feeling and vibe” for music which inspired Stephen at the age of 7 to
make his own guitar using bamboo and fish wire.
Whilst at school, Stephen met up with some “youths” who had formed a band. One day, a member of the band was humming a bass line and asked Stephen if he can play drums as Stephen was beating on
the desk at the same time. Stephen replied “yes” and from then on joined the band performing concerts around the island.
Stephen’s teacher was a guitarist as well as a mentor. The band were
managed by Tony Bennett, the brother of Lorna bennett of ‘Breakfast in bed’ fame. Later on Stephen went on to work with her.
At age 23, after performing for the first time at Reggae Sunsplash, Stephen left Jamaica for England on tour with Ijahman Levi for whom he played on two albums Ijahman – ‘Africa’ and ‘Lilly Of My Valley’.
Stephen also recorded guitar for legendary artists Culture and Ken
Boothe at Channel One Studios alongside the great Jackie Mittoo and the Studio One band, Soul Defenders produced by Jack Ruby.
From thereon, Stephen remained committed to music, taking him
across the globe on numerous occasions with his band the Ritevibe as
well as various other bands and artists such as – Pablo Moses, Luciano & I -Wayne amongst others.
Stephen also played guitar on recordings in the UK, Spain and other countries.
Stephen has gone on to work, with Michael Prophet, Horace Andy, Johnny Clarke, Earl 16, Gregory Isaacs, Luciano, Max Romeo and U Roy to name a few.
Stephen is also a singer/songwriter and released his album
‘International Change’, produced by Barry Isaacs in 1994 for Reggae On Top productions.
Stephen is currently writing material for his follow-up album and will be ready for release in the near future.
His influences include Jimi Hendrix, Al Anderson and Earnest Ranglin to name a few.

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