Skarra Mucci

Skarra Mucci

Skarra Mucci now known and hailed as the hottest live dancehall artist in
Europe. After a string of recording, featuring and dub plates on the local and
international scene and charts, he is ready to take over. Skarra Mucci is a
Jamaican born artist, known as one of the most versatile singers of his
generation. With constant changes between Soul, Gospel, Reggae-Dancehall, Rap and R&B his talent is incomparable and his endless lyrical flow and creativity make his style unique and thus gave him the title lyric millionaire.
Skarra Mucci performed around the globe and has shared stages with the most known voices on this planet. His ways of interacting with his audience is
unbelievable and spontaneous and his voice touches your soul. This is an artist everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. 

Skarra Mucci has worked with some of the best producers in Europe and recorded hundreds of singles and features including hits like: Emmer No, Rhymes After Rhymes, Bounx It Pon Me, Mad Again, Without Love, Higher Grade, Danger, Never Change, Sunshine, All My Life and many more. 

In March 2007 he released his debut solo album ‘Rise & Shine’, followed by ‘912’ a.k.a. Hot Like Fire, in 2009 a crossover Hip Hop album in 2010 called “Skarrashizzo” and his no1 album “RETURN OF THE RAGGAMUFFIN” which dropped in April 2012 was voted Dancehall album of the year in France !

A favourite mainstay of the Reggae Festival circuit, expect to see him on a stage near you soon.

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