Mr Banging

Born Omar McNab in the Rollington Town area of East Kingston, Jamaica the artist, DJ extraordinaire and producer has almost as many pseudonyms as careers. Whether it’s CD Banging, 3D Banging, Bangology or simply “Mr.” Banging, his career spans some 30 years.

Starting in high school, he cut his lyrical teeth at Saint Andrew Technical battling all comers in school BBQ’s, concerts and fetes under the name Killish.

After school Killish found himself at the world famous Arrows Studio where he would rub shoulders with superstars like Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Super Cat, Buju Banton and Tiger. There was one DJ in particular though,  Professor Nuts, who would prove to be his greatest inspiration with his craft and creativity.

After leaving high school he signed to Togetherness Records. The 3 year contract garnered a minor hit, ‘I wish’ which became very popular in the Cayman Islands, Antigua and other parts of the West Indies.

He then signed with Total Promotion a company also located in Jamaica for the next 3 years. After Total Promotion he linked with producer Rohan ‘Snowcone’ Fuller of Natural Bridge Records. Natural Bridge teamed up Killish with Nadine Sutherland for the single ‘Fire’ recorded on the hit ‘Rice & Peas Riddim.

This hit resulted in a tour throughout the Caribbean. Unfortunately after touring, a crisis occurred within the streets of Jamaica which made Killish change his name.

Now known as Mr. Banging for the stage he had also discovered he had a craft for rocking parties and also became CD Banging the MC and mix tape king. At this time, more progress started to take hold. 

He recorded ‘Different’ for artist/producer Mr. G aka Goofy and Craig Cream, from Craig Cream Entertainment on the hit ‘Click Click’ riddim. Then came ‘Special’, ‘Spring Wata’ and many more under his own direction as producer on his own Bangology Record imprint. The production hat now spread to include other artists as he jumped in the studio with other artists like Wayne Wonder, Mr. Vegas, Macka Diamond, Mr. Easy, Delly Ranx, and many more.

CD Banging is reputedly one of the top five hottest Mix Tape Kings in Jamaica if not the whole wide world. His CDs are trending all over the world and creating a buzz throughout Jamaica.

He is presently signed to Claims Records which is owned by ShortBoss and Gutty Bling. Claims are arguably best known for bringing Skillibeng and many others to the mainstream music scene.

Whether it’s as artist, Mix Tape king, MC or artist – expect Mr Banging to be banging on some airwaves near you soon.

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