Lady Lex

Lady Lex

How It All Began…

Lady Lex is a West London born and bred Singer/Songwriter. Raised in a music loving family, Lady Lex, born in 1965 as Karen Moon is in fact second cousin to the late Keith Moon from “The Who”.
From the very beginning Lady Lex was listening to Jazz, Blues, Country & Western, Motown, Soul and Reggae. With a love for the arts, this bubbly artist was more often found at the front of the queue to audition for school productions and the like. For her Music ‘O’ Level in school she sang and played the piano for the examiner who awarded her top marks. As well as being a musician and singer, Lady Lex is a trained dancer and enjoyed many performances with her local dancing school. Lady Lex taught children how to sing and dance whilst working at her sister’s dance school; the “Janet Moon Academy of Dance”. Lady Lex also enjoyed her time teaching, singing and dancing as a volunteer at a local youth club. Ever the active person, Lady Lex took ice skating lessons at Queens Ice Rink from an early age and even though she progressed to a level that allowed her to play the part of “Mummy Bear” in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears on Ice”, she couldn’t wait until the end of the session so that she could get her jeans on and speed skate……..More
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