J Capri

J Capri, born Jordan Joel Phillips, daughter of talented Jamaican DJ Mr. Murphy otherwise known as Kenneth Phillips and cosmetologist Oradell Carwin, was born on the 24 December 1991, Kingston, Jamaica. J Capri was a singer, songwriter and DJ who aspired to be the most versatile female artist out of Jamaica. She was influenced by artistes such as her father, her cousin, Chad Phillips otherwise known as Dahj, Patra, Vybz Kartel, Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Beyonce and a host of artistes from different genres. Ever since Jordan was 6 years old, she knew she wanted to be a musician. She attended St Richards Primary School where her talent was recognized one day at a singing competition. She was quite nervous and lost the competition, however, quite a few people believed she was the better singer and that she should have won. Ever since she sang that day, though she was disappointed she didn’t win, she knew for a fact that music is what she was destined to do. She moved on to attending Wolmers Trust High School for Girls; the school that changed her outlook on people and life itself.
She was no A+ student but Jordan was filled with potential. The experiences she went through at Wolmer’s, both good and bad, made her realize that she was born with a wonderful talent that should not be hidden. At 17 years of age she attended EXED Community College where she studied Performing Arts then moved on to attending Edna Manley School of The Visual and Performing Arts. She met people who inspired her creative outlook on fashion, music, art and dance. However, when she was in the last semester of her first year at Edna Manley, she was blessed with the opportunity of meeting Tarik Johnston, popularly known as Rvssian, CEO of Head Concussion Records. For years, Jordan was hoping to work with Rvssian if she ever decided to seriously become a dancehall artist, so when she met rvssian she was extatic and couldn’t wait to start working with him.
Jordan was always a dancehall lover and wondered daily about what she would be like as a dancehall artist but she was always more into r&b. When Jordan met rvssian, he asked her to write her first dancehall song. Rvssian was very impressed with what she came up with and decided to produce a hit song with Chan Dizzy, who was creating a big buzz with ‘Strange Face’. Jordan was very excited to work with Chan Dizzy because she admired his versatility. Nicest Feeling was then released late November 2011. The song was very well received in Trinidad and Tobago and Florida. It also garnered over 400,000 views on Youtube. Capri started to generate a big buzz after she hit with ‘Whine ‘n’ Kotch’ with popular dancehall artist Charly Black produced by Rvssian. The song went number one on itunes in over 7 countries such as Netherlands, France, Trinidad and Tobago , Guadeloupe, Martinique and more. J Capri was asked to tour in Paris France, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Trinidad and Tobago 4 months after she released Whine and Kotch with Charly Black. Rvssian decided to keep the hype going by releasing ‘’the sequel’’ of Whine and Kotch. Rvssian didn’t have to do much convincing to get one of the hottest dancehall artists, Konshens, to collaborate with his new artist, J Capri. When the song was released, it started wreaking havoc on radio stations in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Martinique. J Capri and Konshens shot the video 2 weeks after the release and in less than a month the video was premiered on Trinidad tv and on YouTube. 

Unfortunately the promising career of J Capri was cut short when she succumbed to injuries after a car accident on December 4th 2015


Adapted from Reggaeville

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