Azizzi Romeo – The Progeny

Azizzi Romeo (Born Ronaldo Zidane Azizzi Smith, May 20 1999) is a Reggae singer, songwriter and producer. He started his career in music at age 8 as the lead singer of the duo, Rominal with his Brother, Lil Rolee. Azizzi later followed his calling to embark upon a solo career. He has released the singles, Grow My Dread (2015), System Failure (2016), Age of Truth (2017), and Should’ve Known (2018) followed by  ‘The Progeny Mixtape’ (2018) as an introductory project to showcase his many skills and lyrical talents. In addition to producing his own music, he has also mixed and mastered several tracks on Xana Romeo’s 2016 Wake Up album, including the title track ‘King of Zion’ and ‘Rate Rasta’.

Heavily inspired by his father – Legendary Roots Reggae Singer, Max Romeo, The Progeny Mixtape was strategically released on the reggae legend’s birthday. According to Azizzi, “This mixtape is my first solo project and is simply me declaring myself as the progeny of my mentor and father, Max Romeo.”

Although this mixtape features a few new tracks, the artiste expressed that persons can expect a more extraordinary musical treat from his forthcoming debut album, Children of Destiny, in 2019.

Azizzi tours Europe frequently and looks forward to many more sold-out tours and performances in the near future.

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